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Participants sell from our provided 8 page brochure with easy to use order form on the back for a recommended two weeks. 10oz candles @ $13, 16oz candle @ $20, Boxes melts @ $16, Warmers (prices vary) Participants collect payments as they take orders. Checks should be made out to your organization.

Your Director collects the order forms with payments and tallies the order on our provided master order form. (Download the PDF order form below)

- Spring/Summer Order Form
- Fall/Winter Order Form

The master order form is turned in by fax, email or mail. Submit payment via Visa, MasterCard, Discover or mail a check to Glow.

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Yes! I would like to participate and use Glow Scented Candles for my stated organizations information above. I understand that I will be shipped all necessary materials to conduct my fundraiser, and I am ready to get started.
  Note: Glow Scented Candles recommends 2-3 weeks of selling time.

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